Love can be explosive and volatile, like a hot geyser erupting from the ground. To capture that message, this artist's book combines two texts: a love letter from Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera, and a diary from the first explorers to come across Yellowstone. 
Frida and Diego had a notoriously volatile relationship, with many affairs and passionate confessions of love. The explorers had a similar reaction to the geysers: they were beautiful, but dangerous and unpredictable.
Final Book
The book is in the form of a notebook or journal to reflect both of the texts origins, and their personal nature.
Final Spreads
Full book layout, showing the way the page blackens with text and then recedes again after the climax. Splatters of ink decorate the page as the emotion in Frida's letter heightens.​​​​​​​
Writing from Frida Kahlo and Nathaniel Langford. Ink splatters and layout by me. Book hand-assembled from Mohawk Superfine paper, book board, and book cloth.

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