Passion Pit's music is upbeat, but their lyrics are often dark and very real. I wanted to capture those qualities physically in the album box set I created over several months.
I used photo editing and photo collage, as well as my own ink splatters, to create the gritty but colorful appearance of the images. I paired that with GT Sectra, a modern serif typeface with dramatic thicks and thins. Warping Sectra allowed it to fit more smoothly in with the images.
This is a box concept created as a student, and is not a real world product.
Final Booklet Spreads
Final Box Set
The box set contains: 3 albums, 3 records with labels, 1 booklet with personal essay and lyrics, 1 box (arcylic plastic)
Passion Pit and associated photographers for photographs. Photo collages and splatter textures created by me. Essay (in book) by me.

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